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There are many uses of SS Steel Circles in the manufacturing industry. However the manufacturing companies involved in production of kitchenware (cookware), utilizes the stainless steel circles the most. It’s used as a raw material by the utensils manufacturers. There is more demand of these circles in this industry because life is almost impossible without utensils (i.e. cookware). We all know that life is not possible without food, and we also know that eatables can’t be consumed directly without pouring them into plates, saucers or bowls (i.e. utensils). Even when we cook food, we don’t directly process the food on flames. We need a fire resistant material, inside which we can keep the food to be cooked. The conclusion is that, there is no home or office throughout the globe which does not use the utensils. That’s the largest reasons why the demand and use of stainless steel circles never slowdown.

Apart from this, these circles are also important for several other industry sectors. The manufacturers which produce items such as steel tubes, sheets, flanges, rings, washers, etc. also use the SS Steel Circles as a raw material. The major amount of this product is utilized by companies related to engineering industry, ship manufacturing industry, aeronautical industry, maritime (nautical) industry, construction industry, chemical industry, cement industry, defense product manufacturing industry, drilling industry (includes well building, water bore), dairy and food product industry, both; cementing and cement manufacturing industry, petrochemical processing industry, petroleum production industry, power generation and power supply industry, electrical and electronics manufacturing industry, and so on. These are just few industry sectors; whereas the Stainless Steel Circle Dealers in India sell this particular product to several other industry sectors.

Montex Steel is also one of the reputed and branded S S Circle Dealer in Gujarat. The company is involved into manufacturing, supply and exports of their best quality and affordable stainless steel circles, to a large amount of their new and existing clientele. The company has always maintained its reputation in the market, due to which the company stands strong even during the most competitive periods and economic slowdowns. We are confident and proud to inform all our esteemed clients; about being the only S S Circle Dealer in Ahmedabad, which delivers exactly what we honestly and genuinely promise to our customers. The consumers of our stainless steel circles in India, who order us the largest quantity, are our clients from several years. They never replaced our company with our competitors; for any of their current or past requirements. This is the largest evidence about the quality of our products, affordable cost of our products and our relationship with our clients.

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Alloy Steel Circle

Grade :202, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 317L, 321, 316 Ti, 309, 310, 904L,410, 420, 430, 431, etc.

Standard :ASTM / ASM Non Ferrous Metal Circle

Material :Copper,Brass,Aluminium,Phosphorus, Bronze,Gun Metal, Lead, Zinc,Duplex & Special Alloy

Grade :Bi-Metals, White Metal, Antimony, Tin, Zinc Anodes, etc

Material :Steel, Boiler Plate, Mild Steel, G.I. Steel ,M.S.

Grade :CRCA, Spring Steel, Silver Steel, Carbon Steel A-387 Gr. 11, G.